sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

Entry 10#

So, a few days ago (to be optimistic) I was all excited about my blog and therefore created another one where I would write only in Portuguese - which backfire because I accidentally deleted my last post, I know silly! It is up again though and I just one blog for now... I guess I am going through a strange phase in my life where I want to do it all like I used to but it is just too much, too fast.

I just want a clean cut, a blank canvas, hope towards the future which is not the case at this point! It is frustrating but as time goes by -and I assure myself that the most important thing right now is to get better - I feel so much happier. I know I am being the laziest person in the whole world; seriously I am living in my pj´s! I just feel that I can´t move one muscle no more, much less exercise my brain- so I am pretty sure my IQ has frighteningly dropped! Oh my... But I am happier and more relaxed than ever, I have been sleeping sooo much (it is so strange). 

All silliness and laziness aside, I have been reflecting about many thing these days, not only about me me me... Serious things have been troubling me and at the same time making me want to get serious about what I want in life, I just have to admit that I am unhappy with my life choices - choices that led me here even though I am grateful for how they impacted and changed who I am. I need to feel accomplished and happy in order to get what I want from life, which is simply just making it. I don´t shot for the stars anymore,  just want a home and food (maybe a computer lol) - just riding this freaking storm called life.

So this entry is not a special update but I really haven´t been doing much these days, like I said just sleeping and feeling happy - I suck I know... Maybe tomorrow I´ll get inspired and write something good, we´ll see... Life is hard some days...