sexta-feira, 15 de março de 2013

Voilà, it´s me again

I know, I know I am a lousy blogger but you need to understand my life is hard damn! I know I am a spoiled brat but that is just me lol. Anyway I am back and I do hope to post regularly, for the sake of me because I love talking about me and things that I like, oh selfish little me in my selfish little blog oh well… I kid you* :D I love this….

Well I was thinking so hard about what I should write about I wrote nothing at all, it is frustrating when the only exercise I perform 24/7 is to think, no no it isn´t nice because my thoughts can become very boring…. Like this post…  I have been thinking on writing in Portuguese again but I am not ready and the newspaper is closed for now, so I have nothing important or interesting to tell…

Nonetheless there is a lot on my mind, all the time, and just now I was thinking about enablers – those people in your life that make you believe they are helping you out when in reality they are holding you back. I have had those throughout my life but lately just the one. I was about to let everything go because I was led to believe I was better off giving up! Sometimes things like that happen and you really don´t realize how wronged you were because the package is so innocent looking, (well until they bit you in the arse!) and you fought so much for the ideal of what that person was, that you just go with it. Fortunately for me, karma does not fail me EVER. Believe it or not, karma always delivers… Right when everything was about to fall apart I was saved from the big black hole and today I am here again, coming to you like a warrior exhausted by the fight but ready to go on with this war.

Well you already know that I believe the world revolves around me and I am alone against the world lol I like paradoxes, kill me lol. Put it anyway you like it, I put it: me and everyone like me  keep getting hit in the face but we just won´t quit, we know that is something wonderful waiting for us – never lose hope that is how I would put things. Pick up the pieces and move on and don´t look back, because the past is definitely the past and the future is very promising. For now I am trying to keep my life stable and enjoy the little things as much as possible which sometimes means that I have to neglect other areas of my life lol, but I believe I have it all under control and that is so much more than what I had 2 months ago, so I cannot complain. I am riding life and contemplating the journey… the best is yet to come… see you later