sexta-feira, 13 de setembro de 2013

Entry 11#

Today I was reflecting about abandonment, poverty and homelessness – you see this city is wonderful but if we take a closer look we see reality, everywhere there is people sleeping on the streets and begging for money. It´s a disease that has increased alongside the economic crises our country is going through at the moment. More and more I see all kinds of people going through trash cans and searching for leftovers or clothes, or something they can sell to make money.

The other day I was having coffee with my family and 3 people that looked very hungry, asked for money to eat. I caught myself thinking so I asked my grandma, why do this people end up here? Don´t they have families that can care for them? Doesn´t anybody care? And I cried a little. I know I am ridiculous, but is it really that ridiculous to care about people and their suffering? What did they do to deserve to end up their days in the streets? I don´t believe in god, I have my reasons and I won´t get into that discussion because it is pointless and it only lead to trouble – so I realize they are victims of the harsh reality that is the poor economic management  our country suffers from.

Does anybody care? Every person is so obsessed and concern about their own lives and trivial problems, they don´t realize how lucky they are. That´s why they pass in front of these people and choose to ignore or pretend they don´t hear their cry. It is unfair that these human beings are seen as disposable citizens because they no longer contribute with work. We are people we´re not numbers on a computer! There are millions of houses that are sealed by the banks because their habitants can no longer pay their loans, so why can´t we give them to those in need? Maybe they can rise from the ashes and live with some dignity? Just because their selfish sons don´t give a damn doesn´t mean that we as a society are responsibility free! I feel so sad I have to be an adult in a world that is disappointing in so many aspects; I just want to live in a world that cares.

I´ll leave you to think about this, please reflect. If you can make an effort you´re making the difference that may be essential in the solution of this situation.