quinta-feira, 12 de setembro de 2013

Entry 10#

So today I finally returned to civilization. Oh what a great feeling to come to my city and smell this air full of happiness and laughter (and air pollution and pigeon/seagulls poop)! I just love to jump around every place I love here, I never left Portugal but I think I´ll never love another city another city as much as I love Oporto. Here I feel at home, I feel like I belong to the painting – like a still figure, just looking innocent and joyful. I am passionate about many things in life but nothing compares to the love I feel for this place, the river, the old streets, the amazing library or the lovely city parks and the amazing nice people. Oh today I am all like seeing rainbows and unicorns everywhere, the whole pink sunglasses extravaganza.

Nevertheless this city now is a place of memories, memories that may be wonderful but that also make me tear up a bit. You see, my grandpa lived, part time, in this city of mine. As I walk down the street I remember how we used to walk it down together, just to go somewhere or nowhere at all. I remember all the things you loved to take me to see, the expositions, the landmarks or the coolest places you just adored. I know he wasn´t born here but I also know he felt like you were, partialy. I just feel that warm thinkling on my troath as I try to hold the tears. I poured my heart out on a piece of paper and cried deeply in the silence. 

I just miss him too much, so I need to pretend you aren´t gone, because that is the only way I can get up in the morning and live a kind of normal life. But I miss you so much, more than words can describe, and I ask myself what in the Lord´s name have I done wrong to deserve such punishment. I just want to remember you the way you were, perfect and only mine. I need you too much because there isn´t another human being that can validate me when I feel like shit. With a sweet embrace I just knew I was perfect the way I am.

I know this sounds a bit depressing but I just need to allow me to miss him and remenber what a wonderful human being he was. Today I thought, one day I will lose my family, and that reality tore me to pieces- I just cannot imagine me alone in the world, I prefer to die today. Remember to value the ones you love and tell them you love them every single day because one day you won´t be able to. I know I wished I had said it more, because now I can only say it to myself. Love with all your heart and have no regrets because live is too short for resentment.