sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

Entry 1#

Hey there guys! So I kinda have to write a sort of “diary” where I have to describe at least one good thing that happens to me, every day. I am not a “diary-type” person; I was never able to write more than 4 days in a row and I used to tore the pages out the next day, I swear. Before this blog I wasn´t even able to read anything that I had wrote, ever! Yeah I know I am very insecure, sue me! So I am committing myself to write at least 3 times a week, for now, and unfortunately (or maybe not) for those who read me and don´t understand a word of English it will be a pity lol. Actually no, the pain is on you who will - I am terrible at this. The reason why I write in English, and those who are close to me know this, I do it often when I talk about the deep stuff, the things that you would hear me say in Portuguese with tears on my eyes – it´s not that bad I am just built that way. And I apologize already if I do commit grammatical or any other kind of language errors, I am far from perfect.

You see the thing is I never believed I could ever write something that was worth reading, not even just for me. But suddenly when I opened myself and dedicated myself to put my thoughts and opinions – basically commit to this blog - I discovered that people actually appreciated what I was writing, and I won´t lie, it made me feel great! Besides I never finish anything I start, I am too insecure so I just give up before I can get disappointed. So this was an enormous step for me, and it worth’s every day – it makes me feel good to be appreciated.

As far as my diary goes I will call it “entries” (I hate the “My dear diary” stuff), that may become a book that one day might be called biography lol I am sure I will be very famous by then and these words my friend will make me some serious money yeah :D. You see even in English I try to avoid the touchy subjects – I am a serious nut case. But I was able to maintain the blog, more or less, up-to-date so I am checking this one more challenge on my list – I promise to do the best I can. And as I always always do, be the most honest Joana I can be, because that is my philosophy (but that will make another nice story for another day).

Well this was kind of a presentation to my newest “project” regarding my blog, and maybe -who knows? - I may attract international readers, am I not the greediest little writer you have ever seen? Well it´s my blog, I can dream if I want to! I get a little aggressive too when I write in English lol – and you guys thought I didn´t had any more tricks up my sleeve muahahahah :D. I kid you guys, this thing is a huge step for me and I cannot believe I am actually doing it. So there you go: This is one of the good things of today and I think it is a lot! I promise I will try not to joke so much - because I get a little nervous when I am going to the dark place and try to fetch one beam of light - and keep it smaller and concise because I let myself go easily. Above all I try not to feel the urge of deleting it tomorrow.

My motto these days is live one day at a time and as someone said to me just focusing on “keeping my head out of the water” lol - Portuguese proverbs sound so funny in English. Well that is pretty much it for today my lovely friends and readers – I am crossing my fingers hoping this “thing” works out.

*(Because I love a good old cliché)