terça-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2012

Silent Boat

Slowly, tenderly,
The touch of a rose.
Closely, strongly.
Don´t move, don´t change your perfect pose

I breath you, I live through you.
My lonely shadowy boat.
You picked me, you chained me,
I am drowning and only you can keep me afloat

I pick up the laughter I throw away the tears,
My destiny waits me
But still I am lost, I live within my fears!
I have no map, I have no keys.

My port is my safety
I cut the chain and still it chaises me
The horror, the sorrow, the days of tomorrow
The memories that cannot be relived,
The burden that cannot be relieved.

The guilt of doing nothing
The stillness of the guilt
The pain of feeling sorrow
The pain of feeling split