sábado, 15 de dezembro de 2012

Entry 4#

Seems that misery does love company, you guys enjoy my crazy diaries more than my random thoughts about random things. I am sooo random. Yet since you are enjoying it so much, let me spread a little more misery here - not lol. I am sorry.

Well this few days actually have been a little better, after my breakdown in classes I got all RAMBO! You know what I mean? I am not let them make me cry anymore! THIS IS WAR! I am prepared to go for it and I did! I actually presented a poem on Friday which wasn´t half bad – I got the essential idea and I loved the poem! Just wished I hadn´t presented it with my boyfriend, because (if you don´t know him) he is a genius and made a spectacular presentation! If you do know him don´t tell him because he knows how good he is, he does not need me telling him that again… It is hard to date an artist when you are kind of an artist yourself. We defend our opinions strongly and we disagree a lot lol which is what makes us happy. Yes, we are a crazy couple! In the end I felt better about myself because I was capable of talking for 20 minutes without losing my train of thought, which hasn´t happened for a long time. YES I AM COMING BACK BRAIN!

Today I had trouble sleeping, yet again, so I went shopping of course! I bought some cute things :D that always makes my day. Yes I am a shopaholic sometimes lol. If you haven´t read this before people, I am all sorts of crazy.

So I am sorry today I am not miserable but I do hope you enjoy my happiness with me! Wasn´t that my first argument? Yeah you see? Random…. And now I am preparing for the worst time of the year by gathering as many books as possible, so I can involve myself in other worlds and ignore the merry all around. I AM NOT MERRY!!!! No need to be mad at me, I respect all so for those of you that enjoy Christmas lots of joy and happiness and presents and all of that for you…

“In one year they sent a million fighters forth
         South and North,
And they built their gods a brazen pillar high
         As the sky
Yet reserved a thousand chariots in full force—
         Gold, of course.
O heart! oh blood that freezes, blood that burns!
         Earth's returns
For whole centuries of folly, noise and sin!
         Shut them in,
With their triumphs and their glories and the rest!
         Love is best. “

Love Among The Ruins, Robert Browning  

(Wonderfull poem I analysed - just the last stanza look for it if you are interested. The painting was inspired by the poem it is "Love Among The Ruins" by Burne Jones)