sexta-feira, 7 de dezembro de 2012

Entry 2#

I know technically I should write one of these per day, but what you don´t know is that I wrote the first entry yesterday – and it was a presentation so here I am again.

So yesterday I was writing some stuff for my blog and for the paper (and just for me) – I was relaxing in the puff during my boyfriend´s band rehearsal. I can tell you guys: both Chopin and Flatten clean my mind and make me think straight; I get my best ideas listening to trash metal, isn´t that something? Yeah I am a little bit weird.

So that was fun, I haven´t done that in a long time – it felt familiar and comfortable – perfect place to write for me. And I got a wonderful little present (being the guitarist´s girlfriend has its perks :D) a beautiful handmade candle support – that I wanted for so long! The drummer is very crafty!

(I am also trying to take decent photos to post along with my journals, mainly things I like or things I did and loved to do, something like that. So this is one of my favourite things, my stuff lol. My frame a present handmade by my boyfriend; my lovely budas that always make me take a look at myself before I leave my room - i will explain it later; my night cream lol and the candle support - isn´t it lovely? It is quite incredible the things he can do)

Today was also a good day, even though I felt like sleeping all day, I got up and went to my class. It was painful at first lol but then I rocked my Brian Adams impersonation whilst walking to school (Yeah I sing to myself on the street and I also talk to myself… laugh all you want I have the most amazing conversations with myself – and I am entertaining even if only I get my jokes). Do I need to say a million times I am weird? I am, but who´s normal? What is normal? I do what makes me happy, even if that makes me dance while I walk – whatever I can do I do it!

I was more upbeat when I got to the classroom, I was feeling energized and I wear some clothes I picked up carefully - that made me feel pretty (Yeah I am that kind of person, I care about my image, when I stop caring that´s when problems hit me).  I was rocking my booties – which don´t hurt anymore because of those wonderful gel thingies that are like cushions for my feet! :D

Best part of the day? Realizing people missed me in classes, and here I was thinking that no one noticed that I wasn´t there! That was awesome :)…. And my boyfriend is the most wonderful friend and love I have ever met. He makes me feel loved every day I LOVE YOU SWEETIE, and always tries to make me smile, he makes me happy…

And lots of love to all of you – I feel peaceful today.